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Real Estate Glossary

Real estate in Timber Pines or anywhere has a language all its own which is usually unique for each particular market area. Even though Real Estate Timber Pines does the hard work involved in real estate transactions for you, we believe our clients benefit from having access to information so they are prepared to make well informed real estate decisions. We provide this real estate glossary to equip you with the data you need when buying or selling real estate. Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate FAQ

Well informed decisions contribute significantly to smooth, profitable real estate transactions. We provide an extensive, well thought out Frequently Asked Questions for our clients so that they are prepared with the resources and information they need to make well informed decisions. Real Estate FAQ

Housing Affordability Calculator

Real estate transactions can be complex with all of the fees, mortgage financing, closing costs, hidden fees and the like. We don’t want our clients to be unpleasantly surprised with any facet of the real estate transaction we work to execute. Also, our Timber Pines clients are likely purchasing their retirement home and we don’t want them to get caught off guard with unanticipated costs. Thus, our housing affordability calculator helps walk you through the transaction and handles all of the calculations so you get a complete cost analysis of any home you consider purchasing. Housing Affordability Calculator

Housing Affordability Calculator

Mortgage Interest Rates & Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculators

Moving Tools And Resources

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the street or across country, moving is a pain in the ass. We do everything we can to anticipate every hurdle our clients will potentially face in the moving process and provide tools and resources to help insure your move goes smoothly. Our moving tools include checklists, contact information for trustworthy local businesses and suggestions for local restaurants who will deliver to you on moving day. Many more moving tools are headed our way courtesy of our friends at Moving Tools & Resources

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